“If anyone wants to be a capable early year’s practitioner CACHE is a must. I am very happy with the knowledge, skills, and the confidence I have gained from this course. All the assignments and hard work are worth it. I am now a happy early year’s practitioner. Thank you Educare and CACHE”

Fikirte Mekonen
Early Years Practitioner
CACHE Level 3 Diploma Student
Educare Qatar

“The course gives a holistic view of the requirements of settings and personnel based upon the statutory framework for the EYFS by UK Department of Education. Participants are carefully driven into all aspects of the settings, standards to be adopted, and finally the leverage the individual can exercise to successfully implement them. This course is really valuable for me, because it prepares me to become an Early Years Educator and to be able to work with children from birth to five years and gain knowledge of children aged five to seven years by supporting them in their stages of development, to become active learners, & provide a safe and nurturing environment”

Maria Lourdes Arpon
CACHE Level 3 Diploma Student

“I guess I was really lucky to stumble by one of your advertisements last year. I’ve been looking for an institute to gain a qualification in education for quite a long time and that advertisement was exactly what I’m looking for.

I’ve been a house wife for 11 years and have decided finally to start a career. Although I posses a bachelor degree in biomedical science, I can’t build my career in that field anymore after all these years. As a result I decided to change my path and head to education field. The Cache diploma has been very informative and of a great value so far. I can’t believe how much information I’ve acquired in such a short period of time. It covers all the necessary aspects of being an early years practitioner.

I had to pleasure to be a student of both Ms. Laura and Ms. Ilse so far. They are both very professional and insightful and I gained a lot of their own experience and knowledge. I really look forward to gain this diploma and start my career as soon as possible hoping to implement what I’ve learnt into my professional life and be able to support children in their educational journey.

Thank you for your help and support, and I would like to thank Ms. Ilse for being so patient and caring all through the course”

Maya Al-Estwani

“I first met Dr. Hadeel a few years ago and we’ve met up a few times in between. At our last meeting in February 2015, Dr. Hadeel invited me to visit the Educare Centre to see the venue. I did and it changed my life! I started my Child Care Diploma course and I have met the most amazing teacher, Mrs. Isle Theunissen who has a wealth of information that she loves to share. She is an amazing teacher and has taught me so much.

I will complete my Child Care Diploma course in June and I can honestly say it has changed my life. I am learning so much and implementing everything into my own nursery, Busy Bees British Nursery. The children, parents and staff are benefiting from my new found knowledge and I am improving my nursery’s learning environment and educational services on offer. I look forward to attending many more courses in the future at Educare and continue on to do my Degree”

Nadene Shameem
Busy Bees British Nursery

“The Early Years Foundation stage Diploma course I am attending at Educare is a valuable tool for working with young children. Nursery school teachers and parents of young children will benefit from this course.

The course covers a detailed look into the holistic development of young children”

CACHE Level 3 Student
Educare Training and Consulting Centre