EYFS Workshops
Enabling Environments - Supporting Every Child!

You will learn how to plan and prepare meaningful experiences that appeal to every child and allow them to try new activities. You will see how to effectively use the resources which you already have without the need to buy more.

EYFS links: Observation, Assessment and Planning; Supporting Every Child, Active Learning, Play and Exploration, Creativity and Critical Thinking

English Vs Your Mother Tongue in Childcare

You will learn how to effectively combine English with your mother tongue and still meet the National Standards in full. You will see how to foster children’s communication and literacy skills, and learn how bilingualism can support child development.

EYFS links: Enabling Environments – Supporting Every Child; Inclusive Practice; Learning and Development

Supporting Inclusion

You will learn how to easily and effectively promote Inclusive Practice in your setting through positive displays, self-made resources and daily activities you provide for your children.

EYFS links: Positive Relationships; Supporting Every Child, Inclusive Practice, Learning and Development

Active Learning - The Areas Of Eyfs Learning And Development

You will learn how to easily and effectively plan and link activities that cover all areas of Learning and Development. You will discover how to modify or extend activities that you do every day with your children to meet the EYFS requirements regarding L&D. Finally, you will learn how to link your daily activities to the EYFS requirements. No more headaches!

EYFS links: Learning and development – Active Learning, Areas of Learning and Development, Enabling Environments – The Learning Environment, Observation, Assessment, Planning, Supporting Every Child

Emotional Wellbeing – Positive Relationships with Children

You will understand how children’s emotional well-being can easily be positively and negatively affected by a range of influences. You will learn simple and effective techniques to build children’s confidence and self-esteem as well as how to negotiate with children to respect their individuality and to give them choices.

EYFS links: A Unique Child – Child Development; Positive Relationships – Respecting Each Other; Supporting Learning; Learning and Development

Other Workshops
Early Years

Effective use of resources for planning purposes. EYFS Theme: Enabling Environment Considering individual children’s needs in planning. EYFS Theme: Unique Child Enhancing the Areas of Learning and Development Process vs Outcome – learning through direct experience and play

Creativity as Therapy – stimulating children’s imagination and creativity as a way to the better understanding of self Development of Early Years Reading Skills – promoting global/ photographic reading Mother Tongue vs. English – second and foreign language acquisition

Psycho-Motor Development in Children Aged 0-2 Psycho-Motor Development in Children Aged 2-5 Development of Focus and Observation Skills

Primary Education

How to prepare effective educational classroom displays

The art of dictation – attractive and effective ways of introducing dictation to teaching reading and writing

Resources Management – preparing your students handouts and saving environment Interesting homework projects that stimulate reading and writing skills

Effective Lesson Planning

Please contact us for more information on any of the courses, and if you don’t see what you are looking for we can always create tailored courses to meet your training requirements.