Here, at Educare, we provide parenting workshops for parents, grandparents and carers of children 0 to 6 years. Parents can come to gain knowledge, learn from other parents and share experiences. Workshops are led by a qualified Early Years Educators.

Our team can come to your community group or organisation to provide a workshop tailored to your needs.

Child’s Nutrition
  • Learn how to create a healthy eating environment early enough to count
  • Covers specific suggestions for teaching healthy habits and attitudes
  • Tips on how to ensure your child is making healthy food choices
Learning Through Play
  • Discover how children learn when they play
  • Learn ways to incorporate all aspects of learning into their play
  • Understand the importance of parent and child care participation in the learning process
Understanding Children’s Temperaments
  • Better understand the odd and unique ways young children act and react
  • Examine challenging behavior issues and why they happen!
  • Learn methods to respond to and prevent bad behavior!


Transition to School

Starting school involves a key transition period for all children. This transition phase is a major change in a young child’s life and presents opportunities and challenges for both the child and their family.