Healthy Nutrition in Early Years Settings

Our training course ‘Healthy Nutrition in Early Years settings’ encourages nutritional best practice in all childcare settings. The first of its kind in Qatar, the course aims to promote quality nutrition training amongst Early years practitioners in Doha and beyond.

This 20 hour workshop has been especially designed in partnership with CACHE to be relevant, fun and practical to the needs of early years workers.

The course covers:

  • Healthy eating principles for children under five
  • The food groups that make up a healthy balanced diet
  • The application of healthy eating principles to the planning and preparation of meals, snacks and drinks
  • How to make a healthy lunch, based on current healthy eating guidelines
  • How to plan a menu for a day or week, taking into account the needs of different children
  • The challenges and practicalities of providing healthy balanced meals and promoting healthy eating in early years settings
  • The development of strategies to put in place in settings to promote and serve healthy food and drinks.
Support Healthy Lifestyles For Children Through Exercise

The course covers:

  • Understanding children’s need for exercise.
  • Outlining the benefits of exercise for children
  • Identifying the opportunities for outdoor access and regular exercise for children within the current frameworks
  • Evaluate national and local initiatives which promote children’s exercise.
  • Benefits of working in partnership with parents/carers in relation to supporting children’s exercise.
  • Planning and implementing an activity which supports children’s exercise in an indoor and outdoor space.